Arizona 3. UCSB 0. I’d say you can pour one out for my Gauchos at the College World Series, but I’m sure the Hammerheads have already poured about 50.

When it comes to my alma mater in Cho-Maha, I’ve been a sports fan for one of the only times in my adult life.

I think the last time I honked a team like I’ve been honking UCSB, was when I was AT UCSB.

But their run is over, and so is mine as a super fan. I checked a lot of the boxes over the last week: I yelled at the TV, I tweeted, I went on Sports talk radio. I was IN. But I’m out on checking the post-loss boxes of losing fans.

I’m not making excuses – Arizona was a better team, they played a better game, and just like every sporting even in history – the better team did not lose yesterday. What can I say – it was an honorable death.

This was not a March Madness 15-seed who shocks a 2… Gets famous for 48 hours, and then gets rail roaded by 40 points.

UCSB lost to a team that’s allowed 2 runs through 27 innings in the World Series. Left Hander J.C. Cloney was practically Kershaw. He shut us down. It was tough, no doubt. I think those 7 innings of Cloney fastballs were tougher to endure than 25 years of Clone phone calls.

But the Gauchos didn’t give up. They got two on in the ninth, just couldn’t cash it in, like they had so many times before.

But there was no quit. Of course not. This is the team that walked-off Louisville with a grand slam from a freshman backup catcher.

I’m proud of the team. They were totally game, this was not a back to the shallow end moment. The Gauchos are here to stay. This was no one-off. It was one bleeping Shining Moment.

Owned the bar at Goodnight’s, showed up and battled in Cho-Maha.

See you next year, see you next beer.


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