Father Time is undefeated. But Daddy Peterson is still trying to truck him. He’s 31 years old, and he’s reaching that point of his career that everybody does eventually: where he’s sick of the little things about his job that annoy him.

I dont’ care if you’re a hall of famer, a lion tamer, a talk show host, or a the president. Give somebody enough time on the job they’ll find things that bore the hell out of them. Grunt work, busy work, that you’re beyond and think you don’t need to do anymore.

For Peterson that work is putting on shoulder pads and jogging through tires in June. In fact, he’s so bored of the offseason grind that he says it could lead to his retirement. “Training camp, going through the grind, OTA’s and all that — that will definitely be the deciding factor. Physically, body-wise, I’ll be good. It’s just mentally — like with OTA’s, I’m out there practicing, I’m going , I’m putting in work. But it’s so repetitive that it’s more suited towards the young guys and getting them into the system. It gets kind of boring.”

Peterson is a made guy. He’s going into his tenth year. Maniac ran for 296 yards in a game. He’s always in shape.

You’d think that the Vikings could just say goodbye after the final game – and say – See you for the Opener, AP.

But it doesn’t work that way. And I’d be willing to bet old school Mike Zimmer doesn’t roll that way. Of course he doesn’t need to learn the system or get reps against blocking pads. But the guy’s paid to be there year round, the face of the franchise, a leader of the young guys. You gotta do it. There’s not one veteran in the NFL who doesn’t think OTA’s are boring as hell. But it’s the same way the guy who works at Walgreens feels about stocking the shelves. Or the police detective feels about filling out paperwork. Or even rock stars doing sound checks. It’s not what you like about the job, it’s not why you do the job, but it’s how the job is done. And it’s not a reason to quit the job.

I know – for some veterans- the will to prepare for the sport goes before the body’s ability to play the sport. But AP is a guy who has a shot at finishing as the best to ever play the position.

In 3 words, suck it up. Sip some water, run around some cones, catch a few balls, and the hit the ice tub.

Nobody likes the grunt work. Everybody gets through it. With so many NFL’ers retiring because they’re broken, nobody needs to see All Day do it because he’s bored.


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