Yahoo NBA Insider and editor Adrian Wojnarowski broke the news yesterday that the Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks agreed to a trade involving 2011 NBA MVP Derrick Rose. Along with Rose, the Knicks will receive Justin Holiday and a 2017 2nd round pick, while the Bulls will receive center Robin Lopez, guards Jose Calderon and Jerian Grant.

Wojnarowski joined The Jim Rome Show on Thursday to share his reaction to the blockbuster trade.

“I thought the Knicks, first of all gave up too much,” Wojnarowski said. “Robin Lopez has become a bargain in the league for his salary, for what he gives you defensively on the floor. They gave away last year’s first round pick in Jerian Grant. There was no market for Derrick Rose, they’ve been trying to trade him, and at such a big contract number with one year left knowing he wants a big contract next summer and the injuries.

“Not only has he not been able to stay on the floor, when he has like he did last year he has been up and down.”

The trade for Rose was a typical move for the New York Knicks, Wojnarowski said.

“Big name, big name for the marquee, they own the back pages for a couple days,” Wojnarowski said, but he believes only time will tell if the deal was worth it. “They can see how he works out over the next year and decide. If they decide not to bring him back then they go into free agency in 2017 where there could be Russell Westbrook, certainly will be a high level attractive free agent and maybe go at it there. And if Rose plays well this year and they decide they want to keep him then they will be in position to obviously re-sign him.”

Although Rose is 27-years-old, Wojnarowski said it’s obvious the athletic point guard isn’t who he used to be after suffering numerous knee injuries.

“He’s certainly lost the explosion,” Wojnarowski said. “The player that was the youngest MVP ever at 21-years-old and got the Bulls to a Conference Finals and you felt like he and Tom Thibodeau were going to be together forever there, for a decade, and they’d maybe win a championship or certainly be an elite team. Every one of those knee injuries takes something out of you. You don’t get back, there’s no question he doesn’t have the explosion he once had. But he’s shown, still at times, in flashes, in stretches to be still a very good point guard, I don’t know that he’s ever going to be an All-Star again.”

Wojnarowski believes Rose’s long-term future in the Big Apple is dependent on a few things but most importantly how he can gel with franchise player, Kristaps Porzingis.

“How does this impact Kristaps Porzingis, his development? He’s going to be the guy there and this franchise is going to belong to him,” Wojnarowski said. “And listen, you need great players to play together, that’s how you win. But Derrick Rose in a contract year, Carmelo Anthony certainly wants the ball, needs the ball in his hands. Derrick is a scoring point guard. How does this impact Porzingis, is he going to be the odd guy out? Does this stunt his development in any way? He’s such an unselfish player, he’s a team first guy. He’s not going to complain. But I would just watch closely.”

Wojnarowski thinks highly of Porzingis and his potential and was sure to let that be known.

“I think Porzingis has a chance to be an MVP someday, he’s that good,” Wojnarowski said. “He’s gotten bigger, stronger this summer, his base. He’s a worker, he’s shown how dominant he was on the defensive end, but this is going to be Porzingis’ team, and I think Rose will need to expect that, and if he wants to stay on a long term deal, that he’s there to help that development of Porzingis.”


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