At this point of the free fall, something pretty bat bleep has to happen on planet Manziel to even move the needle. Something like- his own father calling him a “druggie” and his own attorney accidentally airing pops out to the AP for doing so. They both happened.

Johnny’s pops, Paul Manziel, was last heard saying he was worried his son wouldn’t make it to his next birthday… Now he’s on record as saying he wants his kid to get locked up.

Paul told ESPN. “he’s a druggie. It’s not a secret that he’s a druggie. …he has more money than me. So he can outrun me. …you can’t chase someone that’s not willing to listen. The story is not going to change… I mean, I hate to say it, but I hope he goes to jail. I mean, that would be the best place for him.”  Preach, Paul.

You imagine being Johnny’s dad? Few years back your boy won the Heisman and became a first round pick in the NFL? Now – you’re actively hoping he gets put in a cell.

And you’re right. His son is a druggie. He does need help. He doesn’t want to get it. And he probably will die if he doesn’t come to his senses.

Hopefully that doesn’t happen. And hopefully, he doesn’t take one of us with him.

You don’t do that interview and say those things as a father, unless you’re at wit’s end. Unless you’ve said and done everything you possibly could to reach this kid and nothing has worked.

Jail is the best thing for him. There’s no clubs or fireball in the yard. There’s no bong shops in solitary. Those are the places Billy hangs out. And I don’t even need to say “allegedly”- because his own attorney reported it to the AP.

A lawyer handling Manziel’s domestic battery case quote “accidentally texted” the Associated Press that his client spent a grand in a smoke shop, and that he doubted Manziel could pass a urine test.

Oh, but great attempt at covering by saying you texted them “accidentally.”

Obviously, what lawyer would send out intel that damaging, intentionally. And notice he’s not saying it’s not true. Just that he didn’t mean to text it. Oops! Didn’t mean to send that info to an international news outlet. Ap? I was trying to text “a.a.” to see if they could help Mr. Manziel with his substance abuse, and I just got auto corrected.  My mistake, I was trying to text Adrian Peterson, and I pulled up the wrong “A.P.”  I sincerely apologize.

And as of this morning, that attorney has withdrawn from the case. So to update the scoreboard: two agents have fired Manziel, one lawyer has accidentally ratted on him and is no longer on the case, one girlfriend says she was hit by him, one NFL team has cut him, and one father says he’s a druggie & jail would be best for him.

7 months ago- this guy was an NFL starter. Nobody has ever fallen further, faster. His own flesh and blood wants him to go to prison. We’ve now entered that rare air, where every time Manziiel trends, you think he might be dead.

I have no idea what my next Johnny Manziel take will be about, but I’m with Paul. I hope it’s that he goes to prison, wakes the hell up and gets the help he needs. Before they put him in the ground…which seems as likely as anything else.



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