In the middle of their worst slide in 2 years, somebody needed to take off their belt and tie a tourniquet around that bleeding. Somebody needed to do SOMETHING.

So Kris Bryant did something that has never been done in baseball history. How do you respond to losing 6 out of 7 games? By doing this against the Reds and starting your own list.

Quick list of guys who have never had 5 extra base hits in one game: Babe Ruth. Barry Bonds. Willy Mays. Hank Aaron. Ted Williams. List of guys who have hit 3 jacks and 2 doubles in one game:  Kris Bryant. End of list.

I was the guy sitting here yesterday pointing out that the Cubs were in freefall, and it just might be time for Joe Maddon to panic.

So again- credit to Kris Bryant for saying enough of this bleep and blasting 3 bombs over 1,200 feet.

Now – I could easily sit here and point out that Jake Arrieta was a mess… Again. Or that the bullpen was terrible. Again. Or that Bryant had one of the best games in history and the team still tried to lose it. I could say that that game was actually MORE reason to panic. I could say, Bravo Cubs fans- your most talented hitter got crazy hot, and your #1 pitcher got freaking shelled by a last place team. But I won’t.

This is your moment. I’m going to let you have it. Everything’s just fine. This is the year. Nothing’s wrong. Nothing to see here. As long as 24-year old Bryant goes 5-5 with 16 total bases, you won’t be total chokers. As long as he does that every game over the next 4 months in every single game- you’re going to die happy and see that Wrigleyville parade.


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