The contract negotiations between the Denver Broncos and star pass rusher and currently franchised tagged Von Miller haven’t gone as smoothly as anyone would like. Last week, the negotiations took another strange turn, when Miller posted a picture on Instagram with the caption, “I love my Teammates, Coaches, and My Fans’ but there is ‘No Chance’ I play the 2016 season under the Franchise tag.”

Fellow Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall joined The Jim Rome Show on Wednesday and said he believes Miller wasn’t bluffing.

“I believe him, I believe him,” Marshall said about Marshall’s Instagram post. “But at the same time, if we’re being realistic, it’s kind of tough to sit out a whole year. But if anybody would do it, it would be him. I hope he wouldn’t do it, because we need him, but business is first.”

Marshall pondered the thought of missing an entire football season and weighed the pros and cons.

“Does your stock drop after you sit out a whole year? Yeah, you didn’t take a beating on your body for that whole year, but does your stock rise, does your stock stay the same? I don’t think anybody would know,” Marshall said. “But if you’re on Von Miller’s status, he’s a freak athlete, he’s a hell of a pass rusher. It’s almost hard to see his stock drop.”

Marshall was able to work out a new contract with the Broncos a few weeks ago and is glad he can put that behind him, and the linebacker even shared the roller coaster of emotions from being cut three times by Jacksonville earlier in his career to signing that four-year $32 million deal.

“It was beautiful man honestly… I didn’t know what to do with myself when I did it. It was kind of crazy,” Marshall said. “I think my story has a lot of substance to it. I persevered, I came from the practice squad and being cut. So if anybody is having a similar story, and I came from it then they can. And I tell them all the time, look if I can do it then you can. I just like to inspire people in that way.”

The 26-year-old said there was a part of him that wanted to say to Jacksonville, How do you like me now? after signing the new contract.

“I should have tagged the Jaguars in everything that I posted, in all the Twitter mentions and everything,” Marshall laughed.

The Las Vegas native, also talked about the rumors of the NFL putting a team in his hometown, an idea he’s supportive of.

“I think it would be cool,” Marshall said. “Especially if the Raiders did go to Vegas, a lot of Raiders fans are in L.A. so that’s a shorter trip to Vegas to make than to make to Oakland. I think it would be good. And as players, there are no state taxes in Vegas, so that would be one less game we got to pay those crazy California taxes on.”

As for the distractions in Sin City, Marshall said you can’t just limit those to Las Vegas.

“We got the Miami Dolphins, the Atlanta Falcons, the L.A. Rams there’s distractions everywhere,” Marshall said. “Yeah, the gambling and the prostitution and all that is crazy, but I think I definitely know the team wouldn’t put us on the strip. I’m sure they’d put us somewhere off the strip, but it would be some distractions, but there’s distractions everywhere.”


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