I believe I said earlier this week that Johnny Manziel is so far off the deep end, that nothing he does can ding the Richter Scale anymore. And I believe I was wrong.

Because I just saw him online yesterday, rocking a Cleveland Browns jersey and talking junk to his Dad.

In an Instagram shot overlooking the water in Cabo, Manziel wears a Josh Gordon jersey and writes “won’t take this thing off for a week”  “JUST WAIT ON THE COMEBACK” and adds #hidad.

Now he’s just scorching the earth. It’s like Alfred Pennyworth once said – “Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

Paul Manziel, in his exasperation as a parent, comes out and says there’s nothing he can do for his son, he’s a druggie, and jail is probably best for him.

And then his kid jumps an another jet and basically lobs his own pops a middle finger on the Internet. And of course Manziel won’t take that thing off for a week. That’s what “druggies” do – they sleep in their clothes and don’t shower.

And exactly which comeback are we waiting for? Gordon’s or Manziel’s? Because at this point, I’d bet on Josh Gordon to win the Walter Payton Man Of the Year award before Idiotface puts on cleats for a practice squad.

I know this pic is supposed to be Johnny’s “How do you like me now?” moment. But my question- Does ANYBODY like him now? Is there even one person out there, even the most die had Manziel fan, who sees that and says- Johnny Football is a God! You can’t stop that man!

Because what I see is an unemployed former football player, wearing the colors of the team that fired him, and repping a player who’s blowing his whole career with a drug habit.

There’s nothing cool about that. Because there’s nothing cool about witnessing a car wreck. Johnny’s not “silencing the critics” – he’s validating them. He’s not “sticking it to the Browns” – he’s still embarrassing them.

And he’s not on vacation. You can’t go on vacation if you don’t’ have a job. LeBron’s on vacation. Johnny’s on pills. Or sugar. Or both. Or whatever you have to put in your system to drop this video of your rented Cabo crib and say “it’s lit.”

What’s lit – the crack pipe? Easily his baggiest video since the money phone. But at least then he was actually a football player.

You know what’s LIT? His reputation, his career, his life. It’s lit on fire. And he’s the one who flicked the zippo.

From flashing the money sign at the NFL Draft, to continuing the bender and talking junk to his own father.

Paul Manziel should reply to that #hidad with a #byeson.


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