Hate to say it, but apparently Darren McFadden needs to hear it: HONESTY IS NOT ALWAYS THE BEST POLICY.

Not when it comes to injuries. And especially when it comes to D-Mac’s injuries. Because we know he’s going to suffer one. Or several. It’s just a matter of when and a question of how, they happen.

As you’ll recall, McFadden broke his elbow over Memorial Day weekend, and everyone promptly broke their D-Mack injury jokes.

Nothing surprising here. Again, the question was, when did it happen. Memorial Day Weekend. And how did it happen. You’ll also recall his running back coach saying he injured himself attempting to make a diving save on his brand new iPhone. Now that’s different. You hear that a guy destroyed his elbow trying to save his new IPhone and you didn’t want to crack him, you want to glorify him. That doesn’t make him a dummy, it makes him a hero.

The second an iPhone 6 starts to succumb to gravity and plummets towards the concrete, the human brain sends a signal to save it. The body can’t resist it. You sell out. You go like a tool at the ballpark chasing a foul ball: Side-stepping kids, plowing over old folks, dog-eat-dog. We’ve all done it.

So McFadden’s injury wasn’t comical. It was relatable. For once, people were killing him for getting hurt, they were practically congratulating him.

And then he went and ruined it. DMC told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that he actually just slipped on some wet cement. “I just slipped down and landed on my elbow. My phone was in my hand, and so people kind of put that story out.”

No Darren, “people” didn’t put that out there. Your own position coach put that story out. Because he was trying to throw a block and open up a hole for you, my man. But you ran away from it and got de-cleated.

This was a valiant, every man injury. It was a casualty. Now it’s just comedy. All those jokes everybody had ready? They’re back. And they’re right.

An NFLer just straight up slips on a pool deck during a party and injures himself? That’s something you worry about your grandpa doing over the 4th of July. Not your running back. Way to be an athlete there, Bo Jackson.

USC Trojan Josh Shaw telling the world he was trying to save his nephew in a pool, is shaking his head about you admitting you just straight up ate it next to one.

It was a lot cooler when everybody thought DMC was trying to make a heroic kick save on his 6. Now we know he just klutzed and fell on his ass.

Sometimes it’s best to just leave the lie alone. DMAC could have saved face and gone to his grave saying that he was saving his phone. You see, sometimes it really is ok to lie. And in this case, it was mandatory. Believe me no one is giving you any credit for owning this, Darren.

In this case, the truth is actually worse than the lie.


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