Hour 1

Andrew Luck Gets Some Money | Trapper News | Smack-Off History


Hour 2

Paul Flannery (NBA) Interview | Idiotface Suspended For Four Games | Former Smack-Off Champ RSVPs


Hour 3

Brice Johnson (NBA) Interview | Michael Saunders (MLB) Interview | Handshake Guy



Paul Flannery

SB Nation NBA Writer on a possible Dark-horse team to land Kevin Durant: “Boston.”


Brice Johnson

Rookie’s emotion on Draft Day: “Little nervous.”


Michael Saunders 

Toronto outfielder on trade rumors last off-season: “Luckily, I’m not on social media.”


NFL Oprah

Maybe he still can’t beat the Patriots, but he can buy the entire planet. And he can outspend anybody in football.
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Welcome To Hell 2016

I’ve got a production note for the Olympics in Rio. Kill the Olympics theme music.
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Get Sober For Idiotface Day

Never mind the 4th. July 1st is the big day. It’s Canada Day. It’s Smack-off Day. And it’s Get Sober Day for Idiotface.
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Phelps Has Already Won The Olympics

Phelps is officially going to his… FIFTH Olympics. I said fifth.
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