It’s over. Michael Phelps has already won the Olympics. Because he’s officially going to his… FIFTH Olympics. I said fifth.

Phelps qualified for the US Olympic Team last night with a victory in the 200-butterfly. He’s going to Rio.

Pretty sure they only have the summer Olympics ever four years. And he’s going to go to 5 of them. That’s a joke.

This dude first represented the US in the Olympics… when he was 15 years old. My son if 15 years old. I’m proud as hell that he’s practicing with the high school varsity baseball team. When Phelps was my boys’ age – he was  on the blocks in Sydney blowing by the best swimmers in the world. It’s a joke.

Let’s put this in perspective. Phelps has been going to the Olympics so long, that when he was swimming in his first… David Wells was starting the MLB All-Star game. Dick Vermeil had just won a Super Bowl. Shaq and Kobe were in the Finals… against the PACERS! That’s how long Mike Phelps has been killing it.

And he’s killing it in SWIMMING. Not some tiny little fringe event that 50 people on the planet do. This is something that 3 billion people on the planet do.

Swimming is not Olympic Trapoline. It’s not curling. It’s not that thing where the cross country skier is strapped with a rifle. It’s not that other thing where the girl dances with a ribbon on a stick. It’s swimming. You do it. I do it. Our kids do it.

Mike Phelps has been the best in the world for 5 straight Olympic. Just incredible.

And in the midst of it all, went to hell and back: and had to beat back several demons; dry out, sober up, get control of some gambling issues. And yet here he is…once again.

You never want any athlete or team to just be happy to be here; but just being here, for this guy, after all this time, is an incredible achievement.

Hell, he’s already won these games and they haven’t even started yet. Have to respect it.

Every other swimmer in the world has been losing to Michael Phelps in the Olympics since Dean in Huntington Beach and Kerwin in Riverside were losing to Doc Mike in the Smack-off.


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