Hour 1

Durant To Golden State Reaction | More On Durant | Sam Amick (NBA) Interview


Hour 2

Smack-Off 22 Recap | Smack-Off Recap | Smack-Off Recap, Rich Smackerman


Hour 3

OKC Fan Reaction To KD Leaving | Matt Holliday (MLB) Interview | Terry Francona (MLB) Interview



Sam Amick

USA Today NBA writer talks Kevin Durant’s decision to sign with Golden State.


Matt Holliday

St. Louis outfielder on the 2016 Cardinals: “I think we have a big run ahead of us.”


Terry Francona

Cleveland manager on winning: “It’s hard to be good.”


Smack-Off 22 Recap

The Smack-Off is the Jungle’s Super Bowl.
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KD’s Fireworks

I don’t care how good the fireworks were in your neighborhood last night, they were sparklers compared to the M-80 that Kevin Durant dropped on Oklahoma City and the rest of the NBA.
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Durant’s Reason

So why’s Durant doing it? One, because he can. And two, because Golden State has a helluva lot more to offer than OKC.
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Light Years Ahead

Golden State owner Joe Lacob said a while back that his team was “light years ahead” in terms of how they ran their organization. And he got smashed for it. Turns out he was right. The Warriors are.
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