Golden State owner Joe Lacob said a while back that his team was “light years ahead” in terms of how they ran their organization. And he got smashed for it. Turns out he was right. The Warriors are.

How else do you explain the team with the best regular season in NBA history adding one of the best players in history? Another MVP to go along their 2-time MVP, their two other Olympians, and their Finals MVP.

The Death Lineup swaps out Harrison Barnes for Kevin Durant? Is that any good? Oh, and their toughest competition in the West just got a whole lot weaker. And Durant’s job just got a helluva lot easier.

He has a much easier path to the ring, doesn’t have to carry as great a burden, and he’s going to become a much more efficient player, with much better looks, fewer minutes and doesn’t have the weight of an entire city on his shoulders.

Sure, you have to ask the question, is it too much of a good thing? Four stars, all in their prime, and under the age of 28, but just one basketball. How the hell is that going to work? Ordinarily, I’d say it wouldn’t. But these dudes aren’t ordinary. In fact, they’re different cats altogether.

So different ESPN reported that Steph Curry texted Durant after the Warriors met with KD on Friday to say that he didn’t care who was the face of the franchise, who got the most pub, or who sold the most shoes. And that if KD won the MVP again, Curry would be in the front row clapping for him. And I believe him.

And he’s not the only one. Klay Thompson is a superstar. Not is going to one day be a superstar: he is one already. And he’s never had any issue taking a back seat to Steph. Anywhere else, and Thompson is the face of a franchise and runs to the entire town. But not that town. And he couldn’t care less. Again, a totally different cat.

And while those two are the most important guys, they’re not the only ones willing to make sacrifices to get Durant. Draymond Green is part of the Big Three and had been working Durant to get him to take his talents to the Bay. And Andre Iguodala is tight with Durant going back to when they repped USA Baskeball together in 2010.

And a huge tip of the cap goes to Jerry West. Pat Riley has been hyped as the best closer in basketball, but don’t sleep on West. He was the one who convinced Shaq to come to LA and reportedly his phone call to Durant on Saturday played a role in KD’s decision. According to ESPN, West, who lost the first seven Finals he was in and is still bothered by those experiences, sold Durant on the chance to win with Golden State, but also to be appreciated for the all-around great player that he is, not just a scorer. The Logo is a Closer.

How can you improve on a 73-win season? Normally, I’d say you can’t. But they just did. What’s the number now? 74? 75? That’s ridiculous. But then again, so is Kevin Durant joining Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Andre Iguodala.

And as I tweeted when it went down; it’s a good thing LeBron only promised the Cavs fans one ring and not two. Not three. Just one.

Enjoy it C-Town. Because LeBron just said to himself what the other big time Smackers thought when they heard Leff’s call: oh crap.


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