Hour 1

Kevin Durant Reaction | Eli Manning (NFL) Interview | Hate Towards Durant


Hour 2

Reports Of KD And Russ Westbrook Friction | Howard Beck (NBA) Interview | Hot Take Nation On NBA Stars


Hour 3

Dana White (UFC) Interview | Thunder Fan Reasoning | Parody Larry Gets Ran



Eli Manning

Giants quarterback on his future: “I’m probably closer to the end of my career than the beginning.”


Howard Beck

Bleacher Report NBA writer talks about Kevin Durant leaving OKC for Golden State.


Dana White

UFC President on UFC 200: “It’s hard not to be excited about the entire card.”



Stop Killing Golden State

Not only did this alleged greatest team ever, Golden State just get that much better, they just took out their biggest threat in the west, the Thunder.
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KD-Russ Dynamic

You can try and blame the Warriors for destroying the league by ripping Kevin Durant from OKC.
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Blade Gunner’s Sentence

This dude could end up serving just three years. Three years? Did this dude not pay his taxes or did he murder someone?
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