Oscar Pistorius sentenced to six years in prison for the 2013 killing of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp: Remember, he shot and killed her in his home but said he thought she was an intruder.

He was actually convicted of manslaughter in 2014, but the conviction was overturned and upgraded to murder. He was looking at up to 15 years in the slam but the judge felt he only deserved 6, in part because he’s shown some remorse.

Even worse, than being sentenced to just six years for murder is the fact that he’s eligible for parole in three.

Just goes to show, if you’re going to kill someone, do it in South Africa. Oh and make sure you’re rich and famous. And be sure to concoct a completely whack story about how you thought your girlfriend was an intruder, so you just emptied your clip into the locked bathroom where she was (hiding).

Right, someone breaks into a home in the middle of the night and instead of stealing things, and hurting you and your family, just uses the bathroom. In fact, that wasn’t a burgler that was just someone who needed to use the bathroom. Happens all the time.

That’s what that murderer went with; I heard someone, I just assumed it was a burgler and that he was in the bathroom, so I thought shoot first, ask questions later. And no, it never dawned on me that it might be my girlfriend who had been sleeping in bed next to me.

Honestly, the only thing more shocking than the fact that this guy only got six years for shooting his girlfriend, is that he has to serve any time at all. Especially, when you consider the judge called him a “fallen hero.”

Quote, “he’s a fallen hero, he has lost his career and he’s ruined financially.”

I’m shocked the judge didn’t just let him walk, given how much of a toll shooting his girlfriend in cold blood has taken on him.

Reeva Steenkamp lost her life and her parents lost their daughter, but he lost his job and a few bucks, so I guess we’ll call it even. I mean, shooting her, wrecked his entire career!  And killed all his earning power.

That’s the real tragedy here. She’s dead, but he lost a number of endorsement deals. Think of his wasted earning potential. All down the drain.

Fallen hero? Probably shouldn’t be using the word “hero” to describe a dude who shot a woman through a bathroom door. That’s not exactly heroic. I’ve never heard of someone courageously shooting a woman through a door. You probably don’t want to call a murderer a hero. Especially if you’re a judge.

I guess that makes O.J. a fallen hero as well: killing Ron and Nicole cost him his career and a ton of dough, so he must be even more heroic than Oscar: he offed two people.

Pistorius and Orenthal. True heroes and true role models.

We can all learn so much from them.

This dude could end up serving just three years. Three years? Did this dude not pay his taxes or did he murder someone?


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