You can try and blame the Warriors for destroying the league by ripping Kevin Durant from OKC.

But as I’ve pointed out, the Warriors are not to blame. It’s not their fault. Apparently, it’s Russell Westbrook’s fault.

The Warriors didn’t rip Durant from the OKC, Westbrook ran him out of town. Allegedly. Reportedly.

Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck says Durant had grown frustrated with Russell Westbrook going Russell Westbrook and dominating the ball, and either not getting Durant a look or flinging it to him at the last second for a contested bailout shot.

A source told Beck “He’s never going to have a game in Golden State where Steve Kerr has to say at halftime, ‘You guys need to get Kevin the ball,’ which happened in OKC.”

Think about that for a second. Billy Donovan, or some other member of the coaching staff, would have to say, you guys need to get Kevin the ball. This isn’t the third grade coach making sure that everyone, even the worst player, gets to take a shot in the game. This is Kevin Freaking Durant, the MVP and four-time scoring champion. And he’s isn’t getting the ball!.

Then again, what’s the big deal. In fact, what’s KD’s problem; he’s one of the best players in the world, an MVP and a four time scoring champ, and was stuck in an offense where the ball didn’t move, and he hardly ever got a good look? And? What? That’s a reason to leave? Uhhh. Yes. Yes It is.

And especially if you have a much better place to go to. And he did, in Golden State.

You tell me what’s better, running with a point guard, who you have to practically fight, to get him to give up the ball. Or playing in an offense where the ball never stops, creating much better looks, on a better team with incredible chemistry. And with a group that doesn’t care who gets the credit and is constantly preaching strength in numbers.

Durant was frustrated with Westbrook? Is this supposed to be some sort of surprise? Who didn’t know that. Because everyone knows when Russ goes Russ. There’s nothing quite like it. The blinders come on and all he can see is the front of the rim, and he’s going to attack like nobody else in the league. It’s just too bad that him driving to the hole might be one of the things that drove KD to Golden State.

Ever since Russ came into the league, this has been the question – is he willing to take a back seat and will Durant eventually get tired of him. And the answer is no and apparently yes.

I’m sure KD will call B.S. on this and blame the media for trying stir it up and pit him against Russ all over again. But you can’t tell me it didn’t piss him off when Russ would go into hero mode in the fourth quarter and Durant didn’t get quality looks. Or the ball at all.

Question now is, does it stick to Russ. How does OKC fan react to this? Again… did Golden State just rip KD from OKC or did Russ drive him out of town? And now that Durant’s gone, does it make more or less likely that Westbrook will follow him out of town? You better hope he stays even if he did run Durant off, because no one else who matters is going to want to sign as a free agent. Then you’re left with a team that will have gone from KD, Russ, Harden and Serge to Steve Adams, Kyle Singler, and a couple other dudes.

I’m not saying Durant leaving is all on Westbrook, but don’t tell me having to run with that ball hog didn’t have something to do with it.



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