Not only did this alleged greatest team ever, Golden State just get that much better, they just took out their biggest threat in the west, the Thunder. And as always, people are pissed.

And I don’t just mean the hot-takers, or twitter eggs, or opposing fans. I mean other teams. Other team executives. People who are paid good money to figure out how to beat Golden State; and apparently, they have already decided they can’t, and now they’re bent.

Bent that the rich just got that much richer by getting Kevin Durant to commit. And bent that other guys are taking way less than they could get on the open market to join the latest basketball Voltron.

For instance, ESPN reports other teams are furious the Warriors got Zaza Pachulia on the cheap: Zach Lowe from ESPN tweeted, “I have gotten almost as many angry texts/etc from team execs about GSW getting Zaza for nothing as I did (regarding): GSW signing K.D”

I get OKC fan being bent that KD bounced but why are other team execs freaking out over his leaving OKC for Golden State? They all play under the same system. They all had the same shot at signing Durant that Golden State did. Well. They would, if they had anywhere near what Golden State had to offer him. And obviously they didn’t.

Golden State has a much better opportunity and overall situation to offer Durant than anyone else. A situation they created themselves. They draft well, scout well, have a brilliant coach and organization, unbelievable chemistry and an amazing culture there. Oh, and the best PR department in the sport.

Why are other teams’ execs bent that the Warriors got this guy? Because they’re better at their jobs than you are at yours? Get back to work.

Same thing with Pachulia. You’re bitter that he took less money to try to win a ring as opposed to taking more money from a team that has no chance to win. That’s something to crack a guy for? Playing to win instead of just playing for a paycheck? That’s a thing now? Then go ahead and smash David West for it too, because he just did the same thing.

Stop killing Golden State for creating an environment where guys are willing to sacrifice shots, money, minutes and their own fame to be a part of something bigger than them. Now we’re cracking guys for checking their ego at the door, and sharing the ball, and the glory.

Don’t get this twisted. This is not the Miami Heat rising up through the floor, with the smoke machine and LeBron promising not five, not six, not seven and going bag city. This is a team, and a coaching staff and an organization where players want to be; you don’t crack them for it; you credit them for it. Just like we have San Antonio for years.

And if you want to blame the system for allowing a team like Golden State to be able to pull the trigger on a deal like this without having to nuke their nucleus, that’s fine: blame it on the system; and the union and agents that pushed so hard for it. Just don’t blame it on the Warriors.

They’re just playing the same game as everyone else. They’re just playing it a helluva lot better.


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