After being pulled from his UFC 200 main event fight against light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier over a potential banned substance violation, an emotional Jon Jones held a press conference this morning to address the issue. UFC analyst Chael Sonnen spoke about Jones’ presser on The Jim Rome Show on Thursday and said he personally likes the interim light heavyweight champion, but seemed to think the 28-year-old is the same man now that’s he’s been throughout his entire troubled career.

“You’d really like him. He’s a nice guy, he treats people right, he will treat everybody the same, he takes time for people,” Sonnen said about Jones. “The bad news for Jon is he’s always the victim. Look he was in a hit and run and he comes out and he’s talking about I don’t know, this is God’s plan, I don’t know why he put me in this, like he’s got diabetes or cancer or something. It’s like Jon, you were in a hit and run and you did the hitting and you did the running.

“He gets jammed up in a coke charge, he doesn’t say man, somebody slipped me a mickey, ha ha ha, I’m pressing charges against this guy, he could have killed me. He says yeah, I was at a party in Brazil I rolled up a 100 dollars and leaned down to the table,” Sonnen said. “And the same thing happened today, he’s in tears up there like he’s the victim and he wants everyone to throw an arm around him and go, ‘Jon, it’s going to be ok.’ It’s like Jon you’re an adult, you took a banned substance, you tried to get over, the test found you. The timing was bad, you’re beat, quit being the victim.”

Sonnen, who fought and lost to Jones in 2013, said that since the former pound-for-pound king tested positive for cocaine prior to his first fight with Cormier, yesterday’s news of a possible performance enhancing drug found in his system isn’t much of a shock.

“Jon took cocaine and he admitted to that. He served his time and we’re not piling on him when he’s down,” Sonnen said. “But to tell the story, if you could take cocaine and that could kill you, a reasonable person is going to assume that if that’s ok, if you’re going to make the moral decision to do that, of course you’re going to take things that are not legal and could enhance your performance.

Sonnen said he believes whatever Jones was caught with is a legal drug but is just illegal in the sport of mixed martial arts, which makes it all the more believable to him that Jones would take the performance enhancers. “Cocaine is a Class C Felony. They will put you in handcuffs and throw you in prison for it. So if you’re not afraid to possess and ingest an illegal and prison-able felony that could overdose you and end your life, of course you’re going to take legal medication to improve your performance. That only stands to reason. That does not make him guilty, but that is a reasonable statement by me.”

As for last week’s Smack-Off, The Jim Rome Show’s annual competition to recognize the show’s best caller, the two-time winner wasn’t happy with his 8th place finish.

“I am so depressed about the Smack-Off,” Sonnen said. “I was trying to tell a story, I always come in scathing, I always come in angry. I was trying to tell a story, like Popeye hadn’t yet had had his spinach, and then I was in a good mood, everything was going great, boom Stone Cold comes on, sets me straight, then I come out with the fire. I felt like you missed my story. I am so bummed. I am literally counting down the days, and I will promise you right now, and this isn’t a promotion because it’s too far away to matter anyways, but next year when I come, it is going to be hot.”

Sonnen said he won’t be so polite at next year’s competition.

“It might be my last time on the Smack-Off next year.” Sonnen said. “It might be that hot, you might go, ‘Look you’re not invited anymore,’ but I promise, I’m bringing it. There’s no more Mister Nice Guy out of me.”

Sonnen did give credit to the 2016 Smack-Off champion Leff in Laguna who made a call that the former UFC fighter said took the annual competition to a whole new level.

“Best of all time,” Sonnen said to describe Leff’s call. “Brad in Corona last year might have been the best of all time, and I think last year’s competition was harder 1-6 than this year’s. However, I think Leff even out did Brad. I was blown away.

“I love the creativity, I love how much effort he put into it. He hit the button at the right time. He broke into studio, he had the helium balloon, it was funny, you explained the Richie Incognito jersey. It was brilliant. Leff’s a genius.”


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