Hour 1

Larry Brown Stepping Down At SMU | Jungle’s Reaction To Larry Brown Move | NFL Catch Confusion


Hour 2

WOW And His Girl Dish Some Bron Dirt | Bob Myers (NBA) Interview


Hour 3

Dan Wetzel (UFC) Interview | Chris Mannix (NBA) Interview | Week That Was



Bob Myers

Golden State general manager talks about signing Kevin Durant.


Dan Wetzel

Yahoo writer on Nate Diaz: “Far more intelligent when it comes to fighting than people give him credit for.”


Chris Mannix

Vertical writer on ‘Super Teams’ in the NBA: “It’s horrible.”



KD Presser

According to reports, the Golden State Warriors introduced Kevin Durant yesterday. I say “according to reports” because I’m not totally sure it happened.
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Thanks Shield

Great news: the NFL is still trying to determine what is and what isn’t a catch.
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Respect To Cormier

The UFC has announced that Daniel Cormier will fight tomorrow night after all. And he’ll be doing it against Anderson Silva in a three round, non-title fight.
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Lies And Excuses

At the end of the day, you’re not just a fighter, Jon. From the looks of things: you’re a drug user. A hit and runner. A fraud. A cheater. And a fighter.
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