According to reports, the Golden State Warriors introduced Kevin Durant yesterday. I say “according to reports” because I’m not totally sure it happened.

For one, there were no shots of KD rising up through the floor. He just walked onto a small stage with head coach Steve Kerr and GM Bob Myers.

For an organization that plans and thinks about everything, they really dropped the ball on this because Klay Thompson wasn’t operating a smoke machine. Nobody was yelling Draymond Green’s name with excessive echo effects. And Steph Curry wasn’t up there in his full gamer, rocking a headband, and guaranteeing “not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven” NBA titles.

And there wasn’t some moron on a mic referring to “you three kings.”

If you have a press conference instead of a Bag Fest, how do we even know he’s arrived? Is he actually even a Warrior? How are we supposed to know you guys just added a great player if you didn’t go total BAG about it? Instead, Kerr was joking about whether or not KD will start and Myers said, “We try to get better every day we wake up. You never expect to get this much better. We love people that love to play basketball. We love high-character people. You can’t find a better embodiment of that than the guy sitting next to me. We all can dream. Most of the times the dreams don’t come true.”

Uh, ok, Bob. But that would’ve sounded a lot better with reverb or if you had gone all WWE with it.

What about Durant himself? No doubt he was going to talk some junk about how many rings they’re about to win. No doubt he’d sit in the smoke and promise a half dozen titles right? Not really. In fact, he didn’t really have much to say other than quote: “When I met these guys, I felt as comfortable as I’ve ever felt. It was organic, it was authentic, it was real.”

Authentic?!? Organic?!? Are you talking about being the most dominant team in basketball or a trip to Whole Foods?

Fact is, they have done the impossible; they have found a way to improve a 73 win team; not just improve, but improve dramatically; they just added one of the best players in the world and a future hall of famer to the best shooting team ever.

And no, when Durant gets his ring, or rings, there won’t be an asterisk and his career won’t be tainted. Not getting a ring would have tainted his career, but running with the Warriors won’t.

And so would rising up through the floor with a smoke machine and bagging it out in front of a national audience. I had no problem when LeBron went all Super Team with the Heat. And I have no problem with Durant for doing it now with the Warriors. I’m just glad he did it without embarrassing himself, his team and his entire city with a smoke machine and some lame stage show… I know why so many people hated the Heat when they came together; but I don’t see why so many people are hating on the Warriors right now.

They’re not bags. They’re just much better than everyone else.


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