Bones Jones says he’ll be back: “If I do have to sit out two years, I will definitely be back. I’m already thinking about the good that can happen. I’m optimistic. But man, at the end of the day, I’m a fighter. I’m fighter. Even though I may seem broken up here, I’m not broken. I’m just really upset. For all the people who believed in me, continue to believe in me, because this story isn’t over and the best is yet to come.”

At the end of the day, you’re not just a fighter, Jon. From the looks of things: you’re a drug user. A hit and runner. A fraud. A cheater. And a fighter.

And sure, I did believe in you; even after all the stupid and reckless things you did; I did. I bought your redemption story; bought it when you told all of us you were an outlier; that you were the guy that completely screwed up, were willing to own it, and prove that you weren’t an out of control partier; or the type of dude that would wreck his rig and flee the scene; even though you were both those things.

And I actually believed you when you said you had turned your life around and would once again be the best in the world and go down as the greatest of all time. I did believe you, Jon.

And now I feel like a chump for it.

So, no, I’m not going to continue to believe in you and the best is not to come.

In fact, there may not be anything at all still to come… No one wants to hear your excuses or lies. No one likes to be played for a chump. You want to keep lying to yourself, that’s cool; just stop lying to the rest of us.

See you in two years, Jon. Or never again.


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