Hour 1

Tim Duncan Retires | Duncan Reaction | Brad Keselowski (NASCAR) Interview


Hour 2

UFC 200 Reaction | Devon Allen (Olympics) Interview | Ben Simmons (NBA) Interview


Hour 3

Sad News In San Antonio | Joseph Randle And Beer Pong | USGA President Says Wrong Name



Brad Keselowski

NASCAR driver on why he’s having a better 2016: “Execution.”


Devon Allen

Oregon wideout and Team USA Track member talks 2016 Olympic Games.


Ben Simmons

Philly rookie on being compared to LeBron James: “It’s an honor but he’s on another level.”


Tip Of The Cap, Big Fundamental

Tim Duncan announced today that he’s retiring. Actually, the team announced it, and they didn’t announce that he’s retiring; they announced that he’s retired.
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UFC 200

I thought the card was good. I could even make an argument that it was very good. I know this. I paid for it. And I feel like I got good value for the money I spent.
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Strangest Moment Of UFC 200

Easily the strangest moment of UFC 200 was how the crowd treated Daniel Cormier.
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UFC Sale

Talk about good value for your money? How about turning $2 million dollars into $4 billion?!
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Best Headline Of 2016

I think it’s already over. Best headline of 2016 goes to former Dallas Cowboy Joseph Randle.
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