Easily the strangest moment of UFC 200 was how the crowd treated Daniel Cormier. Why are you booing this guy?: He’s not the one who got popped for PED’s and ripped from the fight week of.

In fact, he took a fight on short notice against one of the best ever, arguably, the best  MMA’er ever, in Anderson Silva; and no, it wasn’t a great fight to watch, but he did what he had to do to win the fight; and that’s exactly what he should have done.

Sure, the ground and pound wasn’t much to watch, but why take any unnecessary chances against Anderson Silva, a guy he didn’t prepare for it, a former champion, and arguably the greatest fighter ever.

Your ticket, you paid for it, you want to boo one of the good dudes in the sport who did what he could to keep that card going, that’s your prerogative; but I wouldn’t have.

And I think it was weak that so many did.

Credit to Silva for taking the fight on short notice, but I have nothing negative to say about Cormier for winning the way he did. He’s right, a lot of others in his position wouldn’t have taken that fight.

And as for those who were booing Cormier, he told Yahoo Sports: “I would say to you, you stand in front of Anderson Silva for 15 minutes if you have the ability to take him down. I stood in there a little bit at times. We traded some shots. A couple of times I almost went back to the way I fought against Gustafsson, where he’d hit me and I wanted to hit him back. I have to fight smarter than that. The circumstances under which this fight came together, it was really a tough situation for me to go into. How do I win? You don’t just knock Anderson Silva out in a one minute, two minutes, he’s too good for that.”

He’s right. He had to ask himself. Do I give the fans what I know they want and risk getting caught myself ? Or do I do what I’m known for and what I know will work, boring as it might be and risk the wrath of the fans? And that’s what he did. And it was the right thing to do.

Especially given that Silva had him in some trouble at the end of the fight. Absolutely no need to take unnecessary risks to give the fans what they want, when the idea is to win. Just ask Floyd Mayweather.


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