Tim Duncan announced today that he’s retiring. Actually, the team announced it, and they didn’t announce that he’s retiring; they announced that he’s retired.

No final year. No retirement tour. No victory lap. Just a team statement.

Gregg Popovich will have a press conference tomorrow and then sometime later this week, Duncan is expected to say something. Maybe.

I mean, has the guy ever said, anything to anyone publicly, other than the time he went in on Davey Stern’s dress code.

This is exactly the way I expected Duncan to go out. He’s never, ever been a look at me dude: there was no way he was going to go on a cheesy season long, farewell tour, grabbing a bunch of lame gifts along the way and forcing his coach to play him big minutes which hurt his team, just so opposing fans could have one last chance to see him play.

Some dudes would love it being about them, all the time, having everyone up on their grille and have reporters waiting for them every time they hit a new town; not Duncan, that would be the worst thing; his worst nightmare. He wasn’t having any of that.

And I don’t blame him. Announce it? He’s probably bent that the news even got out. He was probably hoping no one even knows.

But don’t let the fact that he didn’t seek out attention trick you into thinking that he didn’t deserve it. He deserves a ton of it: 2-time MVP. 3-time Finals MVP. 15 All-NBA selections. 15-time All-Star. 15 All-Defensive team selection. Arguably the greatest power forward ever.

And easy to see why; a killer and tireless work ethic: and he ended up in the perfect spot. Great organization, great coach, great teammate, and a great town for him.

Really, it was nearly perfect for both sides. He dominated on the court, said nothing off it. He didn’t like press conferences. Or commercials. He liked winning trophies and wearing large shirts.

Of course this guy wasn’t looking to stick around too long. Or to spend all of 2016-2017 getting lame gifts in each city. You think that guy wanted to be getting a commemorative paddleboard from the Clippers or a rocking chair from the Hawks? No chance. That’s not his style.

Going out like this, that’s his style. Tip of the cap, Big Fundamental. That was one hell of a career; even if you aren’t going to say so yourself and wish everyone else would stop saying it.


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