I thought the card was good. I could even make an argument that it was very good. I know this. I paid for it. And I feel like I got good value for the money I spent. Again, good, but not great, and certainly not the most epic and historic of all time like it was built up to be.

But that’ll happen when the main event gets blown up 72 hours before the fight, when your alleged best fighter on the card, maybe… in the world,… maybe ever, Jon Jones, gets popped for PEDs. And that was after Dana White had ripped Conor McGregor from the event, an even bigger draw than Jones, off 200 for failing to fulfill his media obligations leading up to the fight.

So, that left the UFC without McGregor until UFC 202 and scrambling to replace Jones.  And they actually did a good job in getting Anderson Silva, who took the fight on 2 days’ notice, and even in defeat was one of the most popular fighters of the evening.

In the end there were some other good fights but not great ones and a few other good moments, but no real holy crap moments.

It could have been a disaster: Brock Lesnar hadn’t fought in 5 years so you had no idea how he’d show up. Jose Aldo got knocked the hell out by Conor McGregor in 13 seconds, so you didn’t know what to expect from him. Anderson Silva hadn’t won a fight since 2012, is aging out. Oh and took the fight on two days’ notice and had his gall bladder ripped a couple of months ago. Cain Velasquez was a definite question mark coming in. About the only sure thing was Miesha Tate, because you always know what you’re going to get from her.

Look at all those questions, and it could have been more disappointing than Mayweather-Pacquaio, but it wasn’t. Far from it.


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