Tim Duncan didn’t just end his career. He ended Kobe Bryant’s 2016 reign as the NBA Hall of Famer with the greatest walk-off. That reign lasted all of a couple months, but Duncan just busted it up.

Because walking off with 60 points was so Mamba. But Duncan not even bothering to attend his own retirement press conference is so perfect.

The Spurs announced Monday that they would hold an official presser announcing Duncan’s retirement… but that Duncan would not be in attendance.

Why would he be? It’s not like he was present for any of his other pressers for the last 2 decades. Not really.

And I think it’s awesome that he’s not even bothering to show up for this one. For who? For what? To sit there for an hour, laugh about the good ol days, bust chops on the beat writers and start tearing up when he thanks all his teammates? Not in this life. Not this guy.

Because he’s not THAT guy. And I respect that he’s not even going to try and fake it. This guy has never had anything to say to anyone outside his own locker room.

Did anyone really expect him to show up on the way out the door to crack jokes and tell stories? What’s Duncan going to do, sit in front of that room in aw shucks mode and wax about all his memorable moments with the media over the years? There AREN’T any.

You know what I’ll do? I’ll blow out the format here. I’ll kill the clock. I’ll give a long, fat segment and run down all the truly memorable Tim Duncan moments that didn’t involve him jogging to one end and getting a block or rebound… then jogging to the other end and hitting a bank shot. Ready? Get comfortable.

Moment #1. The time he got ejected by Joey Crawford for laughing on the bench.

#2. The time he said David Stern’s new dress code policy was quote “retarded.”

That’s it.

That’s the list. That’s why I dig that he’s not even going to his own retirement presser. Because it’s perfect for him.

Kobe Bryant dropped 60 points. Timmy D won’t even stop by for 60 seconds. GOAT.


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