Goes without saying, this is one of the truly dead periods of the sports calendar. No NFL, really. No college football. No NBA. No NHL.

Really, nothing but a bunch of meaningless MLB games. So we’re on our grind, hoping that someone will step up in the name of Team Content. And sure enough, we have ourselves a contributor. Miko Grimes. FREE MIKO!

You probably know Miko as the NFL wife who makes the Real Housewives look like Eleanor Roosevelt. Miko’s not married to NFLer Brent Grimes. Brent Grimes is married to Miko.

She’s more famous at this point. She’s much more feared. And she’s much more ferocious. I mean, at this point, why not just send Miko down on kickoff coverage: judging from what she says and what she does… she’d probably back with the return man’s head. Lock her up on Julio Jones and dude will quit.

But apparently that’s exactly what Miko Grimes has done to her twitter followers- quit on them.

For some reason, I just can’t put my finger on it – The Meek has made her tweets private.

Why would she do that? I mean, it wouldn’t have anything to do with that anti-Semitic blast she hit Dolphins owner Steve Ross with would it?

Or that she nearly single-handed tweeted her husband right off the Dolphins by continuing to bag on their starting QB.

I mean, if you thought Ayesha Curry tweeting that the Finals were rigged, was bad, you should take a spin around Miko’s timeline…and look at some of the bombs she dropped on Ryan Tannehill.

Fire so insane, I couldn’t have even read them on my Showtime show, and we pretty much said and did anything we wanted there…. Or maybe she locked it because she read a Bleacher Report column saying, 3 different NFL GMs said they didn’t want to sign her husband specifically because of Miko? Or MAYBE – it was because she once threatened a Miami media member by tweeting about quote “bullets” and adding “Keep your head on a swivel, fat ass.”

Those reasons and that mention of Stephen Ross’s quote “Jew buddies” – were reason enough to pull up the drawbridge and go private? Probably so.

And she’s constantly calling everyone else soft. Quote soft as puppy bleep. It’s actually a decent sign.

Hey Miko, even though you’ve blamed the media for all the heat you’re taking and jeopardizing what’s left of your husband’s career, I’m actually here to help. Because trust me, you need it.

Locking your tweets isn’t enough. You’re going to want to do two things before your blow up what’s left of your husband’s career. Just two things. Two things that are probably impossible for you to do.

Here they are. First apologize for your anti-Semitic remarks directed at Stephen Ross. Stop trying to explain what you meant what you said,; and stop trying to tell us it was actually a compliment. It was garbage. There’s no place for it. So apologize for saying it. And two, put down your phone. And lock it in one of those glass boxes that read, break only in emergency.

Your old man is a pretty good player, but not nearly good enough to cash the checks you’re writing on that feed. You’re not fresh. You’re not real. And you’re not misunderstood. You’re toxic.

And you’re not advancing your husband’s career, you’re killing it. So do those things: apologize and put down your phone.

Then again, what did the Bucs really expect. When you sign Brent Grimes, it’s a package deal. You get Brent and Miko. And with Miko, it’s not a question of if she goes off, but a matter of when. And she will. And she already has. And he hasn’t played his first down for them yet.

Apologize. And put down your phone. You’re welcome.


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