Hour 1

Brady Appeal Denied | Dell Demps (NBA) Interview | Tyler Lockett (NFL) Interview


Hour 2

Lone Wolf Canadian Tenor | Gary Harris (NBA) Interview | Remy Reaction


Hour 3

Canada Says Lone Wolf’s American | Iafrate In Studio Visit | Lamar Drunk On A Plane



Tyler Lockett

Seattle wideout on facing Richard Sherman this off-season: “It’s a war.”


Gary Harris

Denver guard on life in the NBA: “It’s a tough league.”


Dell Demps 

New Orleans Pelicans general manager on Buddy Hield: “Tireless worker.”



Deflategate Is Never Going Away

Bad news for Tom Brady, and the Pats and everyone who wishes Deflategate would just go away.
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Annual Reminder Of Awful Rule

Congrats to the Orioles, Indians, Red Sox and Royals I guess.
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A New Low

Nothing like seeing a celebrity on your flight.
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It’s the slowest time of the year in sports. No hoop. No hockey. No football. Not even any baseball tonight. And even still – nobody is interested in hearing about Manny Pacquiao un-retiring to fight again.
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Bad Call, Commish

Commissioner Adam Silver, is letting dopes who can’t make their free throws off the hook: he’s eliminating the Hack-A-Shaq.
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