Nothing like seeing a celebrity on your flight. I’ve had a hot streak over the last half decade. Lindsay Lohan sitting in coach. Christie Brinkley sitting right in front of me up front. Both, way better than Lamar Odom spewing all over the lavatory.

But that’s what passengers on a flight from LA to New York got Monday: Lamar was allegedly so plastered on the plane that he vomited all over everything, including himself in the lavatory. TMZ says he had to be escorted off the plane.

How the hell did he even get on the plane? It’s not like everybody doesn’t already know about Lamar at this point. NBA fans do. Kardashian fans do. Brothel attendees do. Brothel employees do. And now flight attendants do.

Seeing a celeb on a plane is supposed to be in-flight entertainment. You try to sneak a picture that you know they see you taking. You tweet it. Better than a packet of peanuts and a movie.

But when that celeb is Lamar- you honestly hope he doesn’t drop dead when you hitting cruising altitude. They should have stopped Lamar before he even got past the warriors of the skycap nation.

How does the TSA stop somebody from bringing a snow globe through security, but they’ll let a 6’10 dude about to toss his cookies? Somebody help this dude before he shows up at LAX and yacks in the cockpit.

Wrestling in the commode may get you into the Mile High Club. But Hurling in the head is a new low.


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