Let’s use last night’s All-Star Game as our annual reminder that letting that dog-and-pony affect the World Series is the dumbest thing ever.

Congrats to the Orioles, Indians, Red Sox and Royals I guess. Because you now have home field advantage for a series that will be played 3 months from now.

This rule feels worse every single year.

So let’s not forget what Bud Selig cooked up with this one. If the Rangers get to the World Series this year, they would play Game 7 at home… Because some Royals and Red Sox got a bunch of knocks in an exhibition game way back in July?? Why not just let the home run derby winner determine it? Imagine if the Warriors got Game 7 of the Finals at home… Not because they won 73 games, but because the West scored 196 points in the All-Star Game.

Hey, I know the Super Bowl is supposed to be in Houston this year. But I think we should wait to see whether the NFC or AFC wins the Pro Bowl, and then let the champ play the big game at HOME.

Hockey has the best post season in sports- but it would be way more intense if the NHL could let the All-Star Skills competition dictate home ice in the Stanley Cup Finals. No it wouldn’t.

And this is the lamest kind of mid-season window dressing every single year.

Again, home field in the World Series was determined by an exhibition game in a National League park where the American League team was the home team. Absolutely perfect.

Rob Manfred has come up with a few cool innovations to the game since he took over for Grandpa Bud, but – killing this would be his best to date… that way, we never have to hear All-Star Game and World Series in the same sentence again.

Because this is NOT making baseball fun again.

And it’s not motivating the National League because they’ve lost 11 of 14 of these things since the rule changed. Trust me, no one is watching that game because of it, and no one playing in it, is thinking about while they’re there, regardless of many times they lie that they do.

Go back to doing it the old way. The right way. Home field goes to best team in baseball.


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