It’s the slowest time of the year in sports. No hoop. No hockey. No football. Not even any baseball tonight. And even still – nobody is interested in hearing about Manny Pacquiao un-retiring to fight again. If your name isn’t Little Alvie and say you are you’re lying.

Promoter Bob Arum told ESPN that Manny will unretire to fight this fall. Crickets.

I’d rather see Bob Arum fight this fall. I’d rather see a roided out Manny Ramirez attempt an MLB return than watch Pac try an unretirement. At least I wouldn’t have to pay for Man Ram.

Pacquiao is an all-time great – who fell from grace in the ring and then started embarrassing himself with his mouth. Bad enough that he put the Simba meme on the map when he napped out on the canvas against Juan Manuel Marquez. But even worse that he started comparing homosexuals to wild animals.

The only thing worse than Manny back in the ring, would be Manny back at a press conferences. And back in our wallets.

You thought you were bored during Pacquiao-Mayweather? Not as bored as Floyd was. His opponent wasn’t even there. He made 9 figures for 12 rounds of shadow boxing. And we all paid him.

Nobody wants to pay Manny again. Nobody even wants to watch him for free. He had his nice little retirement fight against Timothy Bradley. He won. Now walk away. Shut it down. Stay home. You were once great. You’re not anymore. Walk off on that last fight, so you don’t get run off after another.

And don’t even think about trying to fix it, because nobody wants to see it.

Personally- I’d rather listen to Pacquiao sing, than see him back in the ring. Gimme SOMETIMES WHEN WE TOUCH way before the Pac-man touching gloves.

Beat it, Pack.

Sorry about that Alvie. I know that hurt you a lot more than it hurt me. In fact, it didn’t hurt me at all. It actually felt pretty good.


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