Bad news for Tom Brady, and the Pats and everyone who wishes Deflategate would just go away.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has denied Brady request for a rehearing of the appeal that reinstated his four game suspension.

So, now, Tommy’s running out of options. His only remaining play is to try to take this fight to the Supreme Court. No word on whether or not he has decided to do that, but given that he’s come this far, you know he will. No reason to stop now.

That said, just because he wants to take the fight to the Supreme Court, doesn’t mean the Supreme Court has any interest in hearing what he has to say.

Think about that for a second. The Supreme Court. The highest court in the land, the final interpreter of constitutional law, might actually hear a case involving Tom Brady.

The Supreme Court which has tackled issues such as segregation, freedom of the press, and privacy, could actually talk about deflated footballs?!?

It probably won’t, but the fact that we’re having this conversation is unreal. And even if the court does get involved, the chances of it happening before the start of the season, are very slim; meaning it looks more and more likely that he’ll miss the first month of the season. Unless he can somehow get a stay of the suspension, which I doubt.

That means the first month of the season belongs to Jimmy Garoppolo.

They knew this was a possibility; have prepared for it; and in fact, had Garoppolo ready to start last season because of it. Three of their first four games are at home, so if anyone could handle a blow like this, it’s the hoodie and the Pats.

Just know this, Deflategate’ s never going anyway, and the divide between the players and the commissioner has never been greater.


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