Info & Stats: New Orleans Pelicans General Manager

All Topics: Selecting Buddy Hield with the 6th overall pick in the draft | Hield’s back story | Hield is a tireless worker | Hield’s game translating to the NBA | Games lost to injury last year | Anthony Davis | Davis’ shoulder and knee injuries | Davis being only 24 | Golden State add Kevin Durant | Tim Duncan’s retirement | Team hiring Danny Ferry | No concerns about bringing Ferry in | Big West days

July 13th 2016

Dell on Buddy Hield: “Tireless worker.”

July 21st 2015

All Topics: Playoffs leaving a bad taste in our mouths | Parting ways with head coach Monty Williams | What they were looking for in the their next head coach | The NBA always changes | Hiring Alvin Gentry | Coaches wanting the opportunity to coach Anthony Davis | Alvin Gentry calling out Davis after winning the title with Golden State | Davis wants to be great | Developing Davis | Anthony wants to be great | Omer Asik | Asik’s game | Health | The next step is to win over 50 games | The Western Conference got even better in free agency | Ownership group

Dell on Anthony Davis: “Wants to be great.”

Apr 17th 2015

All Topics: Beating San Antonio to get into playoffs | Needing to earn a playoff spot | Anthony Davis’ play | Report of him and Monty Williams being fired if they didn’t make playoffs | Monty’s coaching job | Golden State |

Dell on reports that he was told by management he would be fired if they didn’t make the playoffs: “That never happened.”

Oct 3rd 2014

All Topics: His college days | Memories of the Big West | Anthony Davis’ play in the World Cup | Davis only cares about winning | The sky is the limit for Anthony | Risk of playing internationally | Injuries last season | Tyreke Evans injury | Eric Gordon having no physical limitations this camp | Western Conference | Omer Asik’s defensive presence | Kobe Bryant | Would never bet against Kobe | Kobe story | Tim Duncan | People don’t realize how much of a gym rat Duncan is

Dell on Anthony Davis: “He only cares about winning.”

July 11th 2013

All Topics: Changing the team name to Pelicans | Back story on Pelicans name | 3 years, 3 different owners | Mr. Stern | Stern going out of his way to make sure the franchise stayed in New Orleans | Tom Benson | Getting better right now | Long term plan | Tyreke Evans addition | Evans’ skill set | Evans could start or come off the bench | Drafting Nerlens Noel and shipping him to Philadelphia | Jrue Holiday | Anthony Davis rookie season | Davis’ improvement as the season went along | Davis’ attitude |

Dell on Anthony Davis’ rookie season: “It was fun.”

May 08, 2012:

Dell on Gregg Popovich’s personality: “Pop not liking attention is genuine.”

Apr 27, 2011:

Dell on the show: “Finally a day in the making to be in the Jungle.”


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