The Seattle Seahawks’ 2015 3rd round draft pick Tyler Lockett wasted no time making an impact on the league. The wide receiver was named as a first team All-Pro in his rookie season and told The Jim Rome Show on Wednesday that his biggest takeaway from the year was maintaining the ability to adjust.

“The moment that stuck out to me was just being able to adapt,” Lockett said. “Because coming out of college, it’s hard for a lot of people to be able to adapt to the physical play as well as just being able to maintain your body because you’re playing almost two college seasons.”

The former Kansas State star also talked about how being the lowest man on the totem pole again was also a big adjustment.

“Whenever you come to the NFL, you know college when you’re a senior everybody looks up to you and stuff like that, when you’re in the NFL, you got to start all the way over. So it’s like being a freshmen all over again in college,” Lockett said. “So you got to earn people’s respect and so forth. And I think that throughout the whole season, I learned so much throughout my first year, and I had a lot of great guys around me that was able to help me and actually lead me in the right direction.”

Heading into year two, Lockett said he’s used mini camps to battle against star cornerback and teammate Richard Sherman.

“I learned going with Sherm every day, it’s a war,” Lockett said. “It’s not a one play type of thing. If he jams the mess out of me, then I’m coming back like you aren’t doing that again. Every play is a war. Just because I caught it one time doesn’t mean I’m going to catch it again. Just because he knocked it out doesn’t mean he’s going to knock it out again. I’m starting to realize it’s a constant battle. You got to get up there on the line and make a decision that you’re going to compete.

“For me, I’m going against Sherm every single day. I got to come with it, because if I don’t, he’s going to embarrass me, and I refuse to let somebody embarrass me.”

Lockett said the practice battles with Sherman, a 3-time All-Pro, will only benefit him this season.

“I feel like I’m going against the best corner in the league, so if I can get off the line against him then I can get off the line against anybody. If I am able to beat him deep, than I can beat anybody else deep,” Lockett said. “So all he does is be able to help me, not only out there on the field but to help me mentally in my mental game, to be able to help me as far as preparing, as far as being able to get myself ready. I, as well as the other receivers, have the best opportunity to be able to be one of the greatest receivers especially going into this year, because we get to go against Shem every day, we get to go against our best defense every single day and so all it does is make it better.”

When asked how much of the battle against Sherman was mental and physical, Lockett answered quickly.

“I’d say 99 percent mental,” Lockett said. “Because it’s like I said, when you respect a player so much, sometimes you can psych yourself out, and you do way too much, and you don’t play your game.”


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