I’m still having a hard time accepting that one of our most talented actors, Alec Baldwin, is picking up the Memorial Gene Rayburn skinny mic and hosting a game show.

What’s next – Dustin Hoffman hosting Card Sharks? Denzel hosting the Gong Show? I know this, there’s a guy in the NFL who Baldwin should have as a contestant on Match Game. Or maybe Mike Strahan could have him on the Pyramid. Or both. Bengals d-lineman Domata Peko.

He was at a publicity event in London and was asked to finish this sentence. Hit the Music. “The Pittsburgh Steelers arrrrre……”   Oooh, ooh- a great rival? A classic organization? A model franchise and it’s an honor to compete against them every season? No no, take us home Peko. He finished the sentence by saying The Pittsburgh Steelers are… “Pieces of bleep.”

Ding Ding Ding! Give Domata a new washer dryer and a color television!

I don’t agree with his answer personally, but it’s a GREAT answer if you play for Cincy.

You know why – because it’s an honest answer. And we don’t get a lot of those anymore. Peko gave one, and then he kept going in the Bonus Round. “Oh we hate them. For us, each time we play the Steelers, the whole city is like ‘beat these fools.'”

He’s on fire! He’s buzzing in on every category. Tell us how you feel about the Ravens! Tell us if you even care about the Browns!

Because I’m more excited for Bengals-Steelers this year than I have been for most Super Bowls. Guys getting threatened to be painted on sight. New rules being invented to keep assistant coaches out of fights. Vontaze getting suspended for trying to murder Antonio Brown. Pacman losing a playoff game with a personal foul. Pac giving out his address to meet for a fight! Pac saying What’s Happening Patna! Pac saying Antonio deserved a Grammy for his acting! And now the biggest dude on the field straight up calling Pittsburgh pieces of bleep.

It’s perfect. Everybody else gets some parting gifts and the home version. Domata Peko wins.

And this year with Steeles-Bengals, we ALL win. Sometimes it feels like the last, true hate-filled NFL rivalry. And it’s definitely the best.

Super Bowl 51 is Week 2 on CBS.


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