Hour 1

Tom Brady Takes The Knee | Rome’s Vacation | Lefty/Buffalo Bills/Mike In Indy Comparison


Hour 2

Jim Mora (College Football) Interview | JimRome.com Video Days | T.I. (Actor) Interview


Hour 3

Jon Morosi (MLB) Interview | T.I. Reaction | Fractured Skull Of MMA Fighter




Actor/rapper talks about his TV Show and the State Of The Nation.


Jim Mora

UCLA head coach on Josh Rosen’s talent: “Very unique traits.”


Jon Morosi

Fox Sports MLB writer on the last time the Yankees were sellers at the annual trade deadline: “1989.”



Deflategate Is Dead

Pour one out for Deflategate. It’s dead. In fact pour out some kerosene so we can burn that carcass and make sure it never comes back to life.
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Chase For The Bear

Phil Mickelson was out of his mind. But Stenson wasn’t even human.
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Funniest Balk In MLB History

Nobody likes a flip-flopper, especially in an election year. But I gotta say, I’ve changed my take.
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If you close your eyes, you can almost feel yourself right there inside the conference rooms for teams’ brainstorming sessions.
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