Nobody likes a flip-flopper, especially in an election year. But I gotta say, I’ve changed my take.

Because for a long time I thought an MLBer hitting a walk-off was the best way to end a game. But it’s not. I was wrong. It’s a professional pitcher committing a balk off. And it’s hilarious.

We can all thank Giants closer Santiago Casilla for dialing up this gem over the weekend. Game tied in the bottom of the 10th, San Diego with a man on third, Casilla makes some magic.


UH-OH!! What’s all this chatter about how it was “ugly.”??  I love how his manager Bruce Bochy said that his guy looked “a little discombobulated.”

A LITTLE?? He almost did a cartwheel right off the mound. Maybe it makes me juvenile -but seeing adults stumble and fall is always hilarious to me. Falling is one of those things like pushing somebody in a pool, or watching your boy walk through a screen door or walking into a sliding glass window that will bring the house down every single time… Especially if it’s a professional athlete who looks as if he took some sort of blow dart tranq right in the middle of his delivery and then tries to salvage the pitch with a desperate, spastic toss towards the plate.

Casilla’s last pitch…was worse than 50 Cent’s first pitch.

And I love that this happened on a night when the Giants scraped and clawed to get back into the game. Behind all night. They fight to get to extras. Buster Posey hits the first extra innings home run of his career. And then Santiago Casilla uncorks the funniest balk in MLB history.

The Giants are still the best team in baseball, and they just unveiled the best PLAY in baseball. It was a great 100-year run for the walk-off. But it’s 2016 and I am officially Team balk off.


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