With the fifth season of T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle premiering tonight on VH1 and his 10th studio album “The Dime Trap” coming out later this year, life has been going pretty well for the platinum recording artist, T.I. While the rapper is enjoying the moment and taking nothing for granted, he is still concerned for his fellow Americans. Today, T.I. joined The Jim Rome Show, and talked about the current State of the Nation, in which he sees as very divided.

“We have to have a better open line of communication with one another and accept one another’s differences and respect one another as human beings and not try to classify one race above another or one state of society above another,” T.I. said. “I think we’ve become more of an elitist group of people than anything, and I think, as I said, respect one another for each other’s differences. I think that would be a great starting place.”

During his appearance on the show, the 35-year-old didn’t hide his disgust for presumptive Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

“I believe [Trump] fans the flames of probably the most despicable parts of America that has existed since the origin, which is the supremacist and these in the closet bigots that normally lurked and dwelled in the shadows of darkness,” T.I. said. “Now with him and his divisive tactics and just his thoughts of separation, now I think that a lot of them are stepping out to the light becoming a lot more vocal and a lot more ever present with their platform and intentions.”

T.I. said even putting Trump’s perceived bigotry aside, his nomination for President of the United States makes no sense.

“Even if I was a middle aged upper class white man Republican, I would still not want to vote for Donald Trump, simply because he’s the least qualified of any of the candidates that have ever run for office and got this far. I’m talking about never have any political office ever anywhere,” the rapper said. “If I had a problem with my car, and I wanted a mechanic, I would never want to take my car to a mechanic who has never fixed a car. If I wanted a haircut I would not go and let anyone cut my hair who has never cut hair before. So how can we let anyone run the country who has never held political office before? I think it’s just preposterous to even consider it.”

After the recent shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castillo’s by police officers, T.I. talked about his decision to march in Atlanta protests about their deaths, when a lot of celebrities in his place wouldn’t have done so.

“I was just compelled. I physically felt obligated to get up and get out and do something,” TIP said. “Simply because these people support us, these people put us in positions to where we can provide better life’s for our families, better educations for our children, and quite frankly removed us from probably one of the worst part of society to live in, so I think we owe it to them to use our platform to use our influence to get out there and do something that can help them when they need us. So I really just felt compelled to do something.”


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