Call me crazy – but I need MLB to have a Bunt Derby. Because they already have one in Korea – and I can’t lie, it’s kind of awesome.

Instead of their biggest mashers blasting some soft tossed pitches in the home run derby… They get their most skilled bunters to try and paint some targets on the field.

A bunting derby sounds like the dumbest idea ever. Right up until you watch it.

Because this is something that brings All-Star festivities down to the fans’ level. It’s like a game you could play in your back yard. It’s like corn hole. Or Can Jam. Or Ladders. It’s the kind of thing that you can play with a margarita in one hand. There’s a bullseye right there on the grass, and dudes try to lace it with their bunts.

I like it because it could finally get pitchers involved in something. As much as I’d love to see Madbum blasting home runs, they’re never going to let him. But let them drop into the Bunt Derby and give a truck or corvette to whoever hits the bullseye.

Shoot- knowing MLB, they’d probably let the Bunt Derby determine home field in the World Series.

Fact is – even when the Home Run Derby is good, it’s still played. Sure, Giancarlo Stanton lighting up the San Diego suburbs was cool – but we’ve seen it about 50 times. This would be more like an MLB skills competition. The NBA has one. The NHL has one. MLB doesn’t.

Believe me – I saw that Korea had video of a Bunt Derby and I knew I was going to clown it. And then I clicked on it. And I want to PLAY it. If MLB isn’t going to put down the derby…. I say bring in the Bunts


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