Disease carrying skeeters. Body parts floating in the water. Jaguars getting shot dead. Countless athletes refusing to attend. And the Olympics haven’t even started yet.

These Games need a great story – BADLY. And they finally got one from the New England Patriots. Tom Brady will be in training camp. But Nate Ebner won’t. Because the Pats DB will be down in Brazil representing our country.

If you’re the kind of guy who buys a gamer, I’d try to find some stars and stripes to rep Ebner. He will play for USA Rugby, becoming the only active NFL player to compete in the Olympics.

This is not a dude who used to play… It’s a guy with a Super Bowl ring who’ll be playing for the Pats as soon as he gets back.

And if I’m with NBC, or the IOC – I’m getting Nathan Ebner in front of a camera, stat. Because this is a story that can actually inspire, instead of terrify. When they cut to the sappy little vignette about the Olympic athlete’s back story – this is one you’ll actually watch.

Ebner didn’t even start playing football until midway through his time at Ohio State. Got drafted by the Pats, found his niche on special teams… And a dude who didn’t’ even play high school football got Hood Belichick to call him in the top 5% of players he’s coached.

Of course- the guy is a rugger. Those dudes are truly maniacs. It must be written into their rule book, no one can go 2 minutes without somebody getting punched in the face or having their leg snap.

And Ebner’s rolling like that on the world stage. Freaky Hersch Walker jumping in a bob sled back in ’92 was one thing, but Ebner’s going to throw on the spikes and the scrum cap and battle.

I love that he’s doing it. I love that the Pats are letting him do it. And I guarantee I’ll be watching it.

Memo to the Olympics- don’t make me search at 2am or throw down for the bonus coverage package to find Nate Ebner. It’s one of the best stories you have going. I want Ebner getting Phelps, Lochte and Bolt screen time.

You want a story? While his team is preparing in New England, Ebner will be trying to lower his shoulder on Team New Zealand.

I don’t want to hear any more about Olympians swimming in human waste, I want to see Ebner stiff arming dudes in the face.

Hate Team Hoodie all you want. But as soon as Ebner lands in Rio, he’s not playing for the Patriots… He is one.


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