Every party boy gets depressed at Bar Time. You’re partying your brains out; having one of the best nights ever; you’re assuming it’s maybe 12:30; plenty of time to rage on, but then… The music stops. And the lights come on. Biggest buzzkill ever. And that’s what’s happening with Johnny Manziel.

Because he’s realizing the calendar’s getting towards August, he’s about to approach his first Fall without football… And he’s suddenly trying to put down the shot glass.

He went on Instagram and said “I’m not what you read about. I’ll be back…. In time. It can’t end like this.. It won’t.”

What can’t end like this, John- your life? I hope that’s not what you’re talking about. But hard to know considering it was your own father who said he didn’t think you’d make it to your next birthday.

But in the meantime, spare me the whole “I’ll be back” song and dance because about 10 seconds ago you were running around in Cabo screaming IT’S LIT.

You know what this is. This is Johnny seeing his NFL friends and former teammates getting ready to go back to work. They’ve had their fun, they’ve had their vacation – but now it’s actually time for real life.

Manziel seems like the guy at the bachelor party, who parties for 3 days, then starts hitting the group email chain as soon as they get back, trying to arrange another rager. Dude- we’ve got jobs. We’ve got responsibilities. Enough is enough.

Look… I hope Billy Football finally got some kind of wakeup call and that dude truly is remorseful, accountable and is eager to get the help he clearly needs. It’s not like this cat is out there on an island; there’s no shortage of folks willing to step in and help him. As long as he lets them.

Then again, how committed can he really be to getting right when he doubled back on his sobriety pledge by saying “I’m not saying I’m never drinking again.”

John- didn’t you say you were going “Completely sober” starting July 1st? Dude it’s July 19th! So yeah, you’re EXACTLY what people read about. And you can’t just stop in the middle of July after 8 months of regularly fueling up and hitting Vegas and say- No wait a second, I’ll be back! It can’t end like this. Because I hate to break it to you – But It CAN end like this.

You know why – because it already has.

Again, I’m not rooting against this guy. But until I see ownership, accountability, and remorse, it’s pretty much impossible to root for him.


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