Great news for NFL wideouts, Peanut Tillman has decided to stop punching. Charles Tillman has announced his retirement, and today the NFL gets a little less violent.

In dropping an awesome video that shows him punching random objects out of people’s hands, Peanut has walked away from the game after 13 years. And he’s doing it in a way that’s almost impossible these days-  with universal respect.

I don’t care who you are, or how much you’ve won – every great player has trolls who hate them. Something they’ve said. Something they’ve tweeted. The way he kills your team, or maybe just the way a guy carries himself. But if you don’t love Charles Tillman, then you hate yourself.

From top to bottom – Peanut was like the perfect football player. A guy who played corner like a street fighter on the field. A dude who was the Walter Payton Man Of The Year off the field. And a maniac who would punch the living hell out of the football after the catch.

Stupidest stat by far about Peanut – the guy forced FORTY-FOUR fumbles in his career.  Again- he played corner. Not Pass rusher. You know how many fumbles Jared Allen forced in his career? 31. Michael Strahan only forced 22. J.J. Watt has only stripped a dude 15 times. Peanut was out on an island and did it 44 times.

Because he was the only guy using haymakers to do it. Most corners give up a catch in front of them – they go low, grab the guy’s legs and wait for the linebackers to run over and finish him. Peanut WAS the linebacker. He didn’t strip the ball. He blasted it.

It feels like there were fewer punches landed in Mayweather-Pacquiao than in one game of watching Peanut.

He was a corner when the NFL allowed corners to actually play. He wasn’t a shutdown corner. He was a beatdown corner. And everybody respected him for it. He hadn’t announced his retirement for an hour before Aaron Rodgers jumped on twitter to call him a Hall of Famer. And that says it all. A Chicago Bears corner getting huge love from the Packers quarterback.

The league will miss the dude. He’s the rare NFL player who had a signature move. Dwight Freeney embarrassing linemen with his spin. Randy Moss blowing past safeties with his hand in the air. And Peanut Tillman causing all hell to break loose throwing his fist at The Duke. Great dude. Great player.

I hope Peanut becomes an MMAer.



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