When Robert Griffin III was released by the Washington Redskins this off-season, it put an end of non-stop quarterback controversy surrounding the former Heisman Trophy winner and Kirk Cousins. With training camp just around the corner, Redskins’ defensive end Ricky Jean-Francois told The Jim Rome Show it’s great not hearing quarterback whispers any longer.

“That’s truly a blessing that we don’t have to have a conference going on in our locker room of he said that or that person said that or we have rumors. We don’t have to deal with that this year,” Jean-Francois said. “The only thing we got to deal with is Kirk is the man, Kirk runs the DMV, Kirk is the president, next to Barack Obama. He’s the guy that’s in the lead of the Washington Redskins.”

However, Jean-Francois made it clear that the Cousins-Griffin talk never divided the locker room.

“I had a quarterback controversy like this while I was in San Francisco, and I had Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick and you see how that worked out, and Alex is having a great career right now,” Jean-Francois said. “So the same thing is happening here, RG3 is going to have a great career with the Browns, and Kirk Cousins is going to have a great career with us. So it doesn’t bother us we got to follow what our coach says. Jay Gruden says I’m rolling with Kirk, hey, the whole team is behind him. No if’s, and’s, or but’s. We’re rolling with Kirk.”

Having played college football at LSU in Baton Rouge, the 29-year-old also took time to talk about the death of Alton Sterling and the 3 Baton Rouge cops who were killed over the weekend. Jean-Francois pleaded for better communication and for everyone to stop the violence.

“I just hope at some given point, at some given time, that the people and law enforcement can just sit down and hash this out, because like I’m saying, we are not getting no gains from this. We’re only getting loss,” Jean-Francois said. “The police are losing their lives and people are losing their lives, and the people that are really losing in this is people’s family members, people’s co-workers, people’s peers, your sons, your daughters, your mother, your father. Like people are losing those people and not being able to see them again because of something so crazy like this.

“But I just hope, at one point, we can sit and hash this out and make this more of a positive place to be, be cool about everything that happens in the United States.”

For those who have a problem with Jean-Francois speaking out on a topic other than sports, he always responds by asking them one question.

“At one given point before we became athletes what were we? I know we were people,” Jean-Francois laughed. “Like I live in the same society as you, I walk outside with you, I go to the same park you bring your kids. I do everything that you do, the only thing you did is you put a label on me you called me an athlete. Because you don’t think I’m only supposed to know about football, basketball and all that, no we got to live in society.”

Its actually mind boggling to the veteran that others are so bothered by athletes view points on every day matters.

“We got to see what’s going on because what’s going to affect you may affect us. So we have to keep our eyes and ears open, and when someone asks us our opinion, keyword it’s an opinion, you don’t have to respect it, you don’t have to agree with it, it’s just an opinion,” Jean-Francois said. “But it feels like people do feel offended with opinions. I don’t feel offended with people’s opinions because it’s what you think. I can’t tell how you feel in your brain. So I’m just like, people have to look at us not as only athletes, you got to look at us as people who live next door to you. People that walk down the street, people that see you in a grocery store, people that go to the same gym or whatever, we go to the same thing that normal people do, it’s just for some apparent reason, people want us to stay in our lane. There’s no such as thing as lane, if we stay in our lane we going to keep thing occurring.”


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