Odell Beckham Jr is a playmaker. But he’s convinced himself that he’s also a star maker. And he’s wrong.

Speaking to GQ, it actually sounds like he’s taking credit for Josh Norman’s career, quote: “The reason he’s become so relevant is because of me.”  

That is a HUGE ego swing right there. I made that guy. He’s my media creation. People only talk about him because of me.  

I’d point to the giant checks the Redskins are now hitting Norman with, but you know ODB is just going to say that he deserves 10% of them.

My man – you don’t get a commission. But you were suspended for embarrassing yourself against Norman on the field.

You didn’t launch him. You launched your body at him. Right in the ear hole. You are not the reason he’s become so relevant. He’s the reason you came so unglued. He’s the reason you looked like a loose cannon.

Josh Norman was balling out on an undefeated team and looking like one of the best players in the league. He was getting huge run before you tried to knock him out. And he kept getting it afterwards. If that incident stuck to anybody -it’s Beckham.

Electric talent, he’s put up some awesome numbers. But you want to talk relevance? There are now two postcards of ODB’s career: Stopping the world when he snagged that TD with one hand. And getting suspended when he tried to concuss Josh Norman by going upside his head.

ODB got beat that day. He helped get Tom Coughlin fired that day. And Norman went on to the Super Bowl and then got PAID.

That wasn’t his best day, Odell. It was your worst. And you didn’t make him. You made an ass of yourself. Great player. Bad take.

Now they’ll run back that fight twice a year, every year, Can’t wait.


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