This is as Jets as it gets. Less than a week from now, they’ll be on the practice field. And it looks like their alleged starting quarterback will be on the golf course. That’s where Ryan Fitzpatrick is chilling now.

The Jets v. Fitz stalemate has now eroded to the point where Fitz is just out there playing celebrity tournaments like he doesn’t have a care in the world. Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker? Never heard of ’em. My teammates right now are Charles Barkley and Ray Romano. But he should care. Because he clearly thinks he has leverage. He clearly thinks he has the hammer. The hammer of thinking,  – Who the hell are they going to start?? Geno Smith???? Yes. They are.

And considering how good that D and those weapons are, it might even sort of work. And I know what SHOULD work: The three year deal for 24 million with 15 guaranteed that’s on the table.

I know you think they’re jamming you. And that’s not the market rate for a Q.B. of your caliber. But the fact it is.

The Market sets itself. And the fact that you don’t have a better offer is the very definition of market rate. And the reason you don’t have an exceptional offer is because you have been a very average quarterback.

What are we talking about here? One nice season. One nice season but SEVEN different teams.

And even his “nice” season – didn’t get the Jets to the playoffs, and didn’t get him any higher than 24th in QB rating.

I get that he’s a smart guy. But he’s not a great player. If he were, he would have considered multiple offers; the kind of offers he thinks he deserves, before making his decision.

But they obviously didn’t come; the Jets know it. And he has nowhere to go. And the Jets know that too. You’re not Drew Brees. Or even Andy Dalton. Or Matt Stafford for that matter.

Maybe he’s out there mixing it up with the big-timers on the golf course in Tahoe, thinking he’s one of them. But he’s not.

My man – Justin Timberlake and Jack Wagner probably don’t even know who you are. Like – who’s the bearded up freak in the foursome- did he win a raffle or something? No, he’s the Jets starting quarterback. Or at least he was.

Fitz- the only really fame you’re getting for being on that golf course is Jets fans checking pictures of you and wondering if you went and got fat. You’re supposed to be known as Fitzmagic. Not Fitzfatrick.

Look I get it- this is your last chance at big money. You’ve dug in. But so have the Jets. And you have no leverage. No hammer.

It’s almost time to report to camp. You lost. And considering your career- that’s something I think you’d be used to. I respect a guy playing hardball. You tried it. And it didn’t work. They backed you down. It might not be a good look, but it’s time to start playing football.

Say goodbye to your famous fake friends and get the hell in the huddle with your teammates. Sign your scorecard, then sign on the line which is dotted, Fitzfatrick.


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