It just wouldn’t be the NFL preseason if a major star wasn’t taking the scalpel. In this case the guy who may miss the opening game – is the guy who has never missed ANY game. J.J. Watt jacked up his back and just had surgery yesterday to repair a herniated DISC.

The NFL is reporting that he could be out up to 10 weeks, and that he suffered the injury very recently as he prepared for training camp.

To me, this is a simple story. A cut and dry buzzkill: Where the NFL could start the season without possibly its best player. I hate that J.J. Watt got hurt. Nobody wants that. But apparently – there are plenty of  people who are amused by it. That it’s some kind of comedic justice that the guy who prides himself on training so hard, so often – would get hurt training for the season.

Jokes like  – Is J.J. going to Instagram a shirtless pic from the O.R.? Will he request a hospital gown that’s 2 sizes too small? There’s a group of Internet goons who have made it their mission in life to hate J.J. Watt. And really, you can see why. A spectacular player who works like crazy, never missed a game, and is huge into charity. WHAT A TOOL!!!


Sure, J.J. Watt likes to share how hard he works. He’s one of hundreds of athletes who do. Sure, he markets his image on social media. WHO DOESN’T? Sure, he takes huge juicy fat checks to endorse products. WHO WOULDN’T.

This is a guy who started out as a Central Michigan Tight End… And built himself into an unstoppable Bane who stacked 20 sack seasons. I don’t ride on the J.J. hate train.

There are just way too many bad guys, juicers, cheaters, criminals, and d-bags to waste any kind of energy hating on J.J. Watt – let alone laughing when he gets hurt.

Hey JJ – one too many box jumps, huh? Maybe you should stop showing off and flipping that tire now, and work out like a normal person. He’s not a normal person! Those box jumps are part of what makes him unblockable.

But I’ll tell you who is blockable: Any idiot on twitter who thinks it’s funny that the game’s baddest player got injured.


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