It’s time for Le’Veon Bell to replace AP as the best running back in the league. We keep waiting. And Le’Veon keeps smoking.

He missed the first two games last year for Ganjing Under The Influence. That’s an embarrassing time for an amazing player. Watching your team compete and lose without you. It’s the kind of low moment that makes you vow- NEVER AGAIN.

Yeah, never again – or same time next year. Because Bell is now facing a four game suspension for violating the league’s drug policy, this time around for missing a test.

In the NFL, a missed test is a failed test. And for Bell, this is a pretty pathetic failure altogether. A guy this good, shouldn’t be this dumb. 2,000 yard talent. 10 cent head.

You can’t just straight up MISS a drug test. It’s not like an appointment at the hair salon. Your entire week, your entire month – revolve around that test, and you have to be there. Your entire reputation and a quarter of your salary is resting on making that test my man – probably want to set a few alerts and reminders on the calendar app.

Is there a more clichéd stoner move than some head just losing track and forgetting he has an appointment? Hey man what time is it? About 9 o’clock. Awww man, my drug test was at Noon!!! I don’t know – how about the move of straight up telling an arresting officer you didn’t know you could get cuffed for driving while high? Because now Le’Veon has done both.

The Steelers are trying to get back to a Super Bowl. Their running back is burning one. This dude loves the herb so much he probably gets the munchies just thinking about the Burger in his quarterbacks’ last name.

Bad enough that any NFL player rolls like this, but even worse when it’s a player this good. He’s supposed to be one of the very best players in the league, but right now Le’Veon Bowl looks like one of the dumbest.


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