Info & Stats: Free Agent Quarterback

All Topics: Bleacher Report Documentary | Life growing up in Newport News | Wanting to be like his cousin Aaron Brooks | Going to Virginia Tech | Everything was so surreal his redshirt freshman season at Virginia Tech | Being selected first overall in 2001 NFL Draft | Time in Atlanta with Dan Reeves | Money changing him | Immaturity in Atlanta | Dog Fighting | Being sentenced to 23 months in prison | His time in prison | Being agent of change in dog fighting | Ready to play right now |

July 22nd 2016

Michael on his playing future: “Ready to play right now.”

Feb 12th 2013

All Topics: Restructuring his contract to stay in Philly | Philadelphia being a perfect situation for him | Excited to play in a new system of football | Chip Kelly’s system | Everyone on offense is uncertain but excited about Kelly’s system | Didn’t want to leave Philadelphia on a sour note | Challenging past two seasons | Taking good care of his body now | Taking hits | Getting back up | Just need to keep fighting | Playing with confidence | Talking to Chip Kelly | Chip wanting to know him as an individual first | Chip’s confidence | Didn’t talk about starting with Chip | His decision not being monetary | Has no problem earning the starting job | Always competing with his backups | 2012 Season | Andy Reid | Reid losing his job | Guys started pressing because they wanted to win for Andy | The life of the NFL | Being a little upset at the end of the 2012 season | More effort could have been put into last season | Change being good in the NFL sometime | Chip wanting to win every day | Getting his kids a dog |

Michael on why he decided to stay with the Eagles: “I didn’t want to leave Philadelphia on a sour note.”

Jan 20, 2012:

Michael Vick on leaving Jail after serving 19 months for a dog fighting conviction: “When I walked out of those doors, I walked out a better man than I did when I went in.”


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