Former NBA guard Rip Hamilton has been retired for three years now, but he told The Jim Rome Show on Friday that he is attempting a comeback, contingent on one condition.

“What I really have to do is really focus on my body, and that was the most important thing. I was giving myself 30 days to see where my body is at,” Hamilton said. “Now that I’m 38 years old, my body just doesn’t respond like when I was 26. So I kind of gave myself 30 days to see where my body stands and if my body feels good and I’m injury free, I’m going to give it one more shot.”

As expected, the 2004 World Champion said the workouts have been a process.

“I haven’t been out there playing, well competitively, in two years, so it takes time,” Hamilton said. “It’s not an easy road, because now you start all over with the aches and pains and getting up and training your body to be one of the best conditioned athletes in the NBA, so it’s a process.”

If his body gives him the green light for a comeback, Hamilton said as of now he doesn’t have a specific NBA team in mind he’d like to play for.

“It’s still up in the air,” Hamilton said about what team he’s thought about joining. “It’s a situation where let’s get your body right first and if you can get your body right first then mentally you can get into it, and have a conversation with my agent and see what opportunities are out there.

“But where I’m at in my career, it’s kind of like, you know what, I hopefully try to get on, if my body responds well, to get on a contender or be in a situation where all the tools and different things I learned in my career where I can help a young guy succeed in a situation where he can go out and try to win championships or try to be an All-Star.”

During his 14-year NBA career, Hamilton was known for his ability to come off screens and knock down jump shots. The 3-time All-Star says his shot is still on point.

“My jumper is still wet. I still got a crazy wet ball,” Hamilton laughed. “It’s funny because when I go in the gym and I shoot, mentally I say, man dude, I’ve been a guy if I get a little space and I can absolutely get my eyes on the target, which is the rim, than I can make any shot. So it’s all about muscle memory when it comes to shooting that ball.”

Hamilton also talked about former NBA MVP Kevin Durant’s decision to sign with the 73-win Golden State Warriors. The guard acknowledged the league has changed with superstars joining forces together, but sees no problem in what Durant did.

“I like what he did, and the reason why I like what he did is because, you know what sometimes, yeah, him and Russell [Westbrook] were great, but I look at the situation where they had him, Russell, and James Harden,” Hamilton said. “And what were the conversations with him and the GM, and the President of OKC, because I want to know what was said in those meetings, because I believe that James Harden should still be in OKC and when they let him go and then they lose [Serge] Ibaka who was close to KD, then I started to think to myself, alright you know what, KD and every professional athlete they should always think this is a business and I need to make the best decision for myself.

“And also with him teaming up with Steph Curry and the guys over there at Golden State, I think it just added another three to four years to his career because now he’s not looked upon to carry the load each and every night. He could come out and score 10 to 12 points and Golden State could still win by 20.”




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