Just a quick question for the Texans: What are you going to do with that defense if J.J. Watt isn’t part of it? It’s not like wildly athletic pass rushers who scare the hell out of quarterbacks just grow on trees, right? Actually they do.

Because the Texans have two of them. Or at least they’re supposed to. Now that J.J. is injured and could miss games – Is Jadeveon Clowney going to feel like showing up now? Because it’s year 3.

J.J. could miss an entire game and still have as much impact on it as Clowney.

Clowney’s M.O. after two years – is that he makes a play here and there… And then he just disappears.

Most of the time he’s either injured- or invisible. The #1 overall pick is not a difference maker.

It’s classic Clowney that his best career game was a blowout home loss to New England.

With his talent, he and J.J. should be the NFL’s Steph and Klay. They should be the Smash Brothers.

JJ’s banged up? No big deal, Jadeveon will cover for him. – But will he? If I’m tired of waiting for this dude, I can’t imagine how the Texans feel. Because it’s been 3 and a half years since he hit that dude from Michigan.


And it feels like he hasn’t made a play that matters since.

Give him this – at least he’s building up his brand off the field- The guy just opened up a Vaping business in South Carolina. You know what’s supposed to get vaporized, J? Every single QB when you leap over their left tackle and blast them in the spine. You should try hitting the quarterback as hard as you’re hitting that Pen.

Your guy went down, it’s time for you to step up. It’s past time. Now take a vape and make a play.


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