Aldon Smith is already sitting a year for breaking the league’s substance abuse policy, so how does he pass the time? By lighting up the blunt, and starting up the camera! HE GOT TUNSIL’D!

Only he didn’t get Tunsil’d by some bitter step-dad. He straight Tunsil’d himself. On Periscope!


Oh, she’s stupid?!  “The viewing audience will never know it’s me. It’s not like I said my name was Aldon Jacarus Smith, born September 25, 1989 in Greenwood, Mississippi.”

I tell every athlete: SYM… Save your money. But now I feel like I need a new lesson for this next generation: DGT… Don’t get Tunsil’d.

This generation is full of mini-Spielbergs. Every kid is born with a phone in their hand, and every phone has a camera. And they feel like everything they do needs to be video’ed, photographed, and broadcast online. They just can’t help themselves.

But, there comes a time, when as hard as it is, you just have to put the phone down. You know, right around the time, you pick that blunt up.

Listen, Aldon, you have a year off work. Enjoy all the joints you want. Seriously. Pass the time while passing blunts. Just don’t do it in front of a camera.

And even more so, don’t do it in front of a camera that’s streaming directly to the entire Internet.

Dude also went moron in thinking, No one’s going to see this. I don’t have any followers.

Again, who’s stupid? And who’s tripping?…  No one is going to see it, or EVERYONE is going to see it.

Fact is, folks will always be laying in the weeds for dumb celebrities and/or dumb athletes to do dumb things: and the second you fire up the blunt, they’ll fire up that machine. One person who matters flags it for a tens of thousands of others and they do the same, and so on and so on, and the next thing, one of the dumbest moments of your life is viral.

So for the last time, know your room: you don’t have 133 followers; if you’re anyone with any name value, assume anything dumb you do will be seen by the entire internet. Because it will.

And I’m not going to be naïve and say that guys in his spot should just stay off social media, which they should, but I know that’s not going to happen. It’s a drug onto itself.  So you need someone around you who’ll look out for you. And Smith has that. The female voice in the video is doing her absolute best to keep him from doing what he’s doing but my man is relentless when it comes to chasing down quarterbacks AND posting stupid videos.

I always say, some guys need someone to protect themselves from themselves, but Aldon blew past that protection with a spin move. She was doing the best she could, but she needed help from the guard or a running back to slide over and chip him to keep him away from that phone. You need to double-team Aldon to keep him away from the QB on the field and the Periscope off it.


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